Hellooo~ again!


I’ve been meaning to put my blog back on for like two years now; but hoping to recover the old blog, so as to not start with a blank slate, I hadn’t. Sadly, I’ve lost my blog’s backups for an indefinite time, and I find that it’s time to come back, and that a blank slate is not such a bad idea, in the end. After all, right now, I’m trying to start over in more than one aspect of my life. So… why not?

At some point, if I manage to restore those old blog backups, I’ll probably bring them back. There’s 7+ years worth of content, some of which I’d rather not part entirely with. Anyway…

Welcome to my generic blog! I’m going to cover pretty much anything that comes to mind. This is a personal blog, a creative space, and maybe I’ll reserve a corner for more meaningful or useful content, such as tutorials, reviews, academic papers, project notes, et cetera.¬†At least for now, I think that’s the plan. As time goes on, I may develop a format, and stick with it. We’ll see!

And now, a *little* (ha!) disclaimer: This is mostly a personal blog. I’m not going to apologize too much for my use of language that may be deemed offensive (I could place a warning, however), or unpopular opinions. Moreover, I’m someone whose opinions tend to change, because, as a human being, I’m subject to changing and growing, through new experiences and exposition to new information and a diversity of mindsets. So, if you ever want to judge me for something I said two or three years ago, fine, but know that your argument may well be invalid, because a long time has passed. If I write any opinions and then choose to write again about the same subject, I’ll do my best to update the old post with a link to the more recent one (just in case somebody cares), but I can’t promise anything.

*Hugs* Thank you for following! <3